Franchise Opportunity

Are you looking for a great Franchise Opportunity to Earn a fantastic Income?

Curious about a franchise opportunity? The chances are that you came to this website because someone, possibly one of our Product Executives invited you to check out what we have to offer.

You may have also stumbled upon this website by doing a google search or even by reading about our excellent reviews.

Whatever the reason you came here, we want you to feel welcome and hope you will read what we have here for you. We realized a long time ago that the best way to explain our opportunity was to allow prospective partners the opportunity to browse our website at their leisure.


What Type of Opportunity is this?

The short answer to that question is that we are offering select individuals an opportunity to partner with a thirty-year-old company with billions of dollars in annual Direct to the consumer sales, as an independent Franchisee. We like to call our Franchisees a Product Advocate.

What is a Product Advocate?

That’s a great question. And the simple answer is a “Product Advocate,” is a person who believes in a product or line of products and wants to share how well a product or product line is.

Will I have to invest thousands of dollars in inventory and sell these products?

Remember, we’re looking for Product Advocates, Not Distributors, Not Sales Representatives, Not Order Takers. In essence, we’re looking for people to help get the word out about our products, and we’re willing to pay those people, whom we call product advocates to do just that.

What kind of products will be advocating?

That is the beauty of our company. We are manufacturers of products that everyone uses on a daily basis. We manufacture household cleansers, soaps, makeup, vitamins, wellness products and more. At present, we manufacture over 500 products.

What makes our products so special and why market them this way?

Excellent question. First, all of our products are natural chemical free and safe for the environment. Our Green products use less consumer packaging, don’t require “Child Safety Locks”, and all our products come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Second, we realized over 30 years ago that we simply cannot compete with the big companies that sell similar items when it came to advertising. Our products have never had any national advertising, yet our customers come back to our website month after month to reorder products.

Are We an MLM or Pyramid Company?

When I first heard about this opportunity, I honestly thought the same thing. In fact, it was my wife who heard about it and told me she was going to a meeting to learn more about it. I said, sure go ahead, just “Don’t Buy Anything!”

No. We are not an MLM or Pyramid company like Marykay, Amway or anyone of hundreds of other companies like that. In fact, the Wall Street Journal among other well-respected periodicals did aa story about our company and how we are certainly a worthwhile opportunity with a proven track record of success and NOT an MLM or Pyramid scheme.

What type of Compensation can I expect?

Well, quite honestly that depends on you. Are you a motivated self-starter? Are you willing to spend a few hours a week working on this? Are you teachable and willing to learn?

We have partners earning a few hundred dollars a month, and we have partners making a few thousand dollars a month. We can’t give you a figure without first talking to you and understanding your situation. What are your desires? Are you looking for a few extra dollars to help pay some bills or are you looking for a lifestyle change?

How can I find out more about this opportunity and see for myself if this is a good fit for me?

We value your time. We hope you will value our time. Fill out the conference request form and we’ll contact you and set up a time when we can speak. The whole process doesn’t take that long, and it cost you nothing to listen. Best of all, we are not going to hound you to become a partner if after listening to our brief presentation it sounds like it may not be for you. (we don’t want anyone to feel pressured into a commitment because we know that a pressured commitment is bound to fail.)

To setup a personal and confidential meeting, please use the contact form at the top to learn more about this franchise opportunity.